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trogrick: These rankings are abolsute bs. Noah Turrillo of Scit (formerly NK) should be ranked #1 at 157. Ryan Currier is nothing compared to him. Also, I have a bone to pick about the 190 weight class. Spencer Fine is overrated af. Owen Norlavong should be 1 easily Feb 6, 2024 12:10:43 GMT -5
ranger: Easily? That is pretty boastful given that Fine has run the table at 190 this year. He sits at #1 in NE and Owen hasn't broken the top 20 yet. Would love to know why you think he should be #1 easily. Feb 7, 2024 12:04:01 GMT -5
monster: thanks dad Feb 7, 2024 13:53:12 GMT -5
thesoul*er: dont forget about lincolns 157 lb john nicolls who pinned turillo and pinned justin murphy of pilgrim . whaaaat!! look out looks like hes coming for that #1 spot Feb 13, 2024 9:23:48 GMT -5
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